As we approach the summer months, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that you have sufficient cold storage for your fresh produce. Whether you’re planning to set up an outdoor food stall or simply stock up on your favourite fruits, you’ll need somewhere chilled – between 0-10 degrees C – to store seasonal fruits and vegetables at this time of year.

Prevent the spoilage of fresh produce

Not all fruits and vegetables should be stored at the same temperature. Generally, fruits that are seasonal in the winter months should be stored between 0-4 degrees C, whilst those that flourish in the summer should be stored between 7-10 degrees. This is generally due to differences in crop origin, maturity and seasonality. It’s important, therefore, to set your refrigerator to the correct temperatures to prolong the quality of your produce.

Florists know all too well the struggles that come with managing their abundance of flora during high temperatures. Cold storage, therefore, can help to extend the life of their bouquets, keeping them looking fresh for much longer.

Fend off harmful bacteria

When fresh produce is stored in inadequate temperatures for long periods, you’re not only reducing its shelf life, but you’re also increasing the chances of harmful bacteria growing. This poses a potential danger to consumers – particularly in the case of meat products. Cold temperatures slow down the growing rate of microbes, meaning that you’ll preserve the safety and quality of the produce if you store it correctly. Spoiled fruits and vegetables tend to be more obvious to spot, since they’ll become mouldy and visually unappealing; meat and fish, on the other hand, can be harmful even if they appear to have not changed in appearance – causing, in some cases, severe bouts of food poisoning. This is why it’s so important to ensure that you’re storing your produce at a safe temperature at all times.

If you’re setting up a food stall, it’s wise to hire a chiller/freezer trailer so that you can manage large quantities of stock. At Coldtraila, our Chill-Tow and Freeze-Tow trailers have been created with temperature regulation in mind – so you can set your trailer to the desired temperature, and rest assured that your produce will be stored safely. It’s important to ensure that you don’t overfill the trailers, as this will prevent adequate air flow. Our trailers are fitted with compartments to ensure that food is stored correctly, preventing food contamination and ensuring safe storage. Our speciality trailers are great for food vendors, since the trailer can be fitted out to accommodate food preparation and service. To find out more, see here.