There are few of us that don’t enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night – but if you’re not storing your wine properly, then you might not be making the best of it. If you’ve ever tasted a wine that you’ve bought and wondered why it doesn’t taste as good as it should, the problem could be within your very own hands. The incorrect storage of wine can lead to alterations in its processes, causing it to age prematurely, which eventually compromises on its flavour and aroma. So, if you’re a keen wine drinker, it’s important to know what to avoid when it comes to at-home wine storage.

Keep your wine chilled

It’s recommended that wines are stored between 7-18 degrees C; anything above or below this temperature range can reduce the quality of the wine. Avoid storing your wine in a food refrigerator, since they are generally set to colder temperatures to prevent food poisoning. Storing your wine in an environment that’s too cold – particularly at freezing level – can lead to the wine expanding, ultimately causing the bottle’s cork to release.

Many resort to storing their wines on top of the refrigerator. This should be avoided wherever possible, since the vibrations and heat that are released from the fridge can alter the chemical processes in the wine.

Store your wines in a safe, dry place

The best place to store wine is somewhere dry and cool. If you’re lucky enough to have a basement that can be doubled up as a wine cellar, consider installing some wine shelves – the conditions in environments like these are close to perfect for wine storage, and should, most definitely, be used to your advantage. However, if this is not an option for you, consider improvising by simply placing some wine racks in a safe, cool place – preferably away from rooms that create the most heat, such as the kitchen. Alternatively, if finances allow, consider investing in a wine fridge for optimum storage conditions.

It’s also important to make sure that you keep your wine out of direct sunlight, and reduce its exposure to artificial lighting as much as possible.

Store your wine bottles on their side

This is a particularly useful tip for those who have wine bottles with a cork. Storing your wine bottles on their side ensures constant contact between the wine itself and the cork, ultimately preventing it from drying out. A dried out cork can lead to ‘musty’ smelling wines, reducing its taste quality. Similarly, refrigerators can also have a drying effect since when cooling items within them, they remove moisture simultaneously – so be sure to store your wines on their side in a cool, dry place.


Although wines thrive in dry environments, take care to ensure that the room isn’t too dry. Try to find a storage spot that has between 50-80% humidity, as this is considered the safest level. If your storage area is too dry, consider placing a bowl of water in the room to improve the conditions; alternatively, if your room is too moist, try using a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity levels.

Ultimately, as long as you don’t expose your wine to extreme conditions, slight fluctuations in temperature shouldn’t do too much damage. You’ll know if your wine is past its best by the taste and smell – but following the above tips will help to improve its shelf life.

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