As we approach the middle ­­of spring 2019, festival season is a mere two months away. And with excited festival goers beginning to prepare themselves for the big occasion, food vendors will be thinking about how they can use this opportunity to boost their profits. Setting up a stall is one thing, but impressing customers and gaining repeat business is another – so, as trailer providers, we’ve created a list of ways that you can successfully trade at this year’s festivals.


Source high-quality chilled storage

Festivals are key opportunities for businesses to bring in a wealth of profits, as you’ll be surrounded by hundreds – if not thousands – of hungry people. No matter the size of the festival, you’re going to need sufficient space to store all of your stock. This will require temperature regulation in order to preserve the quality of your produce and prevent instances of food poisoning. At Coldtraila, our high-end Chill-Tow and Freeze-Tow trailers are fitted with heavy-duty chiller capabilities and a galvanised steel chassis to ensure consistent temperature regulation and stability during transit.


Showcase your prices

You may not want to shout your food prices through a megaphone, especially if you’re an artisan food vendor, but keeping your prices displayed on an A-board will, without a doubt, attract more customers to your stall. If your prices are hidden away, people may assume that they’re expensive and look elsewhere. It’s best to be upfront and honest about your prices – but don’t be too pushy in your selling techniques, either.


Offer passers-by a sample

Skipping on samples due to a perceived lack of time can be a huge mistake – especially at festivals. Testers are a sure-fire way to gain repeat customers if they like what they taste – so be sure to offer samples of some of your most popular products. People will remember you and return to your stall – and they may even bring a few friends along with them.


Simplify your menu

Sticking to four or five specialities is the best approach to take when it comes to serving at festivals. Although you want to be showcasing all of your products, it can often work against your favour when being overambitious with the menu. Sticking to a few recipes is the best way to stay organised – you’re less likely to miscount stock and order incorrect quantities.


Dress up your stall

At a large festival in particular, you need to stand out from the crowd – as you’ll be competing against a multitude of other food stalls. Decide what kind of look you want to go for – and be sure to stay true to your brand personality. You may wish to go for a more authentic, rustic look, or a sophisticated, high-end appearance. Whichever you decide to go for, try and add some aesthetically pleasing décor – such as string lights, bunting or a small seating area next to your stall.


Serving food at a festival should, above all else, be an enjoyable experience. So, ensure you’re well equipped with all of the essentials, and try to arrive early so that you can secure yourself a good spot.