This week, we’ve spoken to our director about his day-to-day role at Coldtraila.

Tell us your name and role at Coldtraila

My name’s Dan Long, and I’m the director of Coldtraila.


How long have you been working at Coldtraila?

I’ve been working at Coldtraila for 10 years now; starting my job at 16 years of age and never looking back!


What were you doing before you worked at Coldtraila?

I studied Sports Science at Hartpury College and played rugby. I also worked at Worcester Race Course, helping with the maintenance of the running track.


What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love having the opportunity to meet new people and see new places, whilst discovering different businesses.


Tell us more about your role at Coldtraila

An important part of my role at Coldtraila is to make sure that everyone is doing their bit and helping carry out each job. I also oversee the delivery of our trailers, and I organise them to make sure they’re ready for use. My role also includes kitting out our new trailers with the relevant equipment. Dealing with rental and sales enquiries also forms part of my daily role. I’m also responsible for collecting our trailers when customers are finished with them.


What’s the most interesting/funny thing that you’ve experienced in your job?

We have had several instances where customers have underestimated the size of our trailers. Mistaking them for medium-sized refrigerators, we have had customers asking for us to take a trailer upstairs for them – and one particular customer asked us to place a trailer behind their bar!


What attracted you to working at Coldtraila?

The variety of tasks that are included within the job role instantly stood out to me; no two days are the same. I also love having the opportunity of working outdoors – I get a constant supply of fresh air and get to make the most of the nice weather! Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy working amongst our fantastic team, and working within the local area – which always provides scenic views and countryside air.


What makes Coldtraila so unique to you?

All our chiller and freezer trailers are immaculately turned out – they’re always spotless when given to our customers. Our rental trailers are never more than three years old – which means that our customers can rest assured they’ll receive a high quality solution to their storage requirements. We never deliver second-hand or old stock; we always provide the best quality trailers. Additionally, we offer great customer service – responding to enquiries as quickly as we can, and tailoring our advice to each customer’s needs to ensure they receive the solution that’s best for their particular situation. Our 24-hour service offering also means that we’re always on hand to help when needed.


Do you have any top tips on keeping produce fresh/safe storage?

I would recommend following the instructions closely so that nothing is missed. Try to keep the doors of the trailer closed as much as possible, and when loading, make sure to store produce in the correct departments. Make sure that fans are kept unblocked, too, to ensure the trailer can function sufficiently. I would also advise users to avoid moving the trailer wherever possible.