The weather is slowly, but surely, getting warmer. Before we know it, we’ll be in the height of the summer season; we’ll be slapping on the sun screen, sipping cocktails and thanking the high heavens that the cold weather is nothing but a distant memory. But what about all those in business who rely on chilled environments to preserve fresh produce? Not such a dream come true for vendors, whose fruits, vegetables and fresh flowers are in danger of spoiling prematurely.

For a country that, for the most part, experiences mild climates, we can often see unexpected heatwaves in the summer – with temperatures that can reach above 30 degrees C. Overexposure to this heat can pose a serious health risk to plants and crops – never mind the stress to the trade in perishable goods.

Florists can experience particular pressures at this time of year; especially when space for chilled storage is limited. Flowers can swiftly wilt if they aren’t provided with a sufficient water supply, affecting sales for the florist, while also impacting the customer, who may experience spoilage at a special occasion. Many florists take to storing their flowers indoors during these temperatures; but just how they’re stored is of high importance.

Many opt for refrigerated trailers to keep their flowers fresh; from weddings to florists, we’ve worked with many traders and hosts of special events by delivering a suitable solution for them. With the ability to set the required temperature, florists can easily manage and control the trailer. Our trailers are also designed to keep flowers safe during transit, with stabilisers installed to keep them protected against potential damage.

Our chilled trailers feature heavy-duty chiller capabilities, which includes surplus cooling power and rapid temperature recovery. This helps to keep fresh flowers in the perfect condition for any occasion – increasing their lifespan and preventing them from wilting in the hot weather.

Whether you’re simply decorating your home with a new bouquet or trading your flowers, make sure to increase their water supply during hot weather – and replace the water every three days.

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