Events that require catering services, whether that’s an intimate wedding or large festival, will always benefit from mobile refrigeration. In fact, it’s essential that any event involving the serving of fresh produce is equipped with chilled storage, and it’s particularly important that this is adhered to in warmer weather to ensure safe temperatures are maintained.

Mobile chillers do not only have the ability to store produce at the required temperature, but they also offer greater flexibility. They allow for wedding receptions to be held in the outdoors, no matter how remote the location, in addition to food service at festivals in rural places. Rather than the location of the event depending on the location of chilled storage, (as is the case with static refrigeration units), party hosts have unlimited options when it comes to deciding where they’d like to serve up their dishes.

In addition to offering greater flexibility, mobile chiller trailers also replace the functionality of static units where necessary. If, for example, a wedding reception is held at a specific venue and the refrigerators malfunction, mobile trailers can be requested and delivered to provide a temporary solution. This will allow the produce to be recovered to a safe temperature, reducing the risks of food spoilage and allowing business to continue as usual. Mobile chiller trailers are also ideal for those who are on-the-go, moving between venues – since they can be easily towed from one location to another. Most high-end trailers are fitted with stabilisers so that produce is kept safe and secure during transit.

Whether it’s keeping bottles of champagne, bouquets of flowers or canapes chilled, refrigerated trailers allow for products to be stored in bulk – which not only caters for a large number of guests but makes food service a much easier task. Most bespoke chiller trailers are also fitted with heavy-duty chiller capabilities, including surplus cooling power and rapid temperature recovery; this ensures the quality of produce is conserved through safe temperatures.

In addition to safe temperature regulation and increased flexibility, mobile refrigeration trailers also offer environmentally friendly features. High quality trailers are fitted with insulated panels, which helps to keep and utilise energy. Additionally (again, unlike static refrigeration units), mobile chillers can be switched off to conserve energy. Being economically beneficial to the consumer and mutually positive for the environment, mobile trailers are a must for catering events.

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